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    Privacy and policy:


    The terms of using of the site Our Privacy Policy explains how we protect your privacy. To visit this website, you must first accept the terms of this Privacy Policy. You have accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy if you access this site.


    Information We take

    1. Business Information:We gather data that is relevant to your company. This contains your contact information, buy leads, company profile information catalogues, and queries. All of this information is gathered when you voluntarily give it to this site for registration and later usage of our site, or when you subscribe to a newsletter, send us an email, and give us feedback
    2. Payment Information: This includes any information about any payment made or attempted to be made to our company via credit card, check, or bank transfer to use our services Name, address, email address, phone number, credit card number, bank details, check number, and so on are examples.
    3. Statistical Data: This comprises the IP address of the visitor, browser software, operating system, and pages viewed, among other things.


    A collection of commercial data is referred to as "information acquired.". How We Use and Share Information 

    1. Business Information: Because we are in the business of collecting and publishing business information in order to increase the reach of the businesses that have registered with us, that the site's " Information" will be public and its accessible to any Internet user from in the world. All business information you provide to our site becomes public information by default. As a result, you must exercise caution when revealing any information that is copyrighted or protected by a confidentiality agreement. This information may also be shared with licenced agents that offer our services or provide support to our clients, as well as third-party verification agencies.
    2. Payment Information: This information is never shared with anybody unless it is required by law. While it comes to credit card information when ordering online, all of that information is sent immediately to our payment gateways, and none of it is saved on the site.
    3. Statistics Data: We collect and aggregate statistical data in order to better sell and market our services, as well as manage and diagnose issues. We collect and handle statistical data using third-party software and services such as Google Analytics, click-tracking software, log analysis, and so on, and this data will be available to them as well. Any statistical information shared with third parties is on an aggregate basis and does not include any personal information


    Information Disclosure

    1. The Privacy Policy describes how we protect your data. Or if we believe that withholding such information would be damaging to our or our users' interests.


    Requests for changes or deletions to your business information

    1. You can edit your business information at any moment by logging into your account and visiting your private profile page.
    2. You can also request the deletion of your corporate information by submitting a "terminate membership" request in your private profile area.
    3. If none of the other options work, you may always provide us a link to the information you want removed, and we'll remove it for you. If you request that your personal information, be deleted, we will normally react within 48-72 hours


    Storage of your Business Information

    1. Because is a Business Advertising service, your public profile will remain online in perpetuity or until you explicitly request that it be removed. Hyperlinks to Other Websites. Our Site may contain hyperlinks to content, products, and/or services provided by third parties, such as our member firms' websites. Before accessing such sites, you are expected to read their privacy policies, terms of service, and/or terms and conditions. Our site has no control over the websites of third parties, and we are not responsible or liable to anybody for their content, products, or services. 



    1. To identify you on our website, we employ cookies. Cookies are used by the majority of login-based websites, which is quite acceptable.


    Data Security

    1. We take precautions to safeguard our data, which includes personal information about you. However, by reading or engaging with this site in any way, you agree to waive any and all claims against this site relating to the loss, alteration, or misuse of information.


    Revisions to This Policy

    1. This Privacy Policy is a living document. It will evolve over time. You agree to check the policy for changes each time you visit the site and not to assume that it will remain the same. Any changes to this Privacy Policy will not be communicated to you, and this site does not promise notification under any circumstances. Your continuing use of this site indicates that you accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, including any changes. 


     Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

    1. If any matter relating to this Privacy Policy is brought before a court of law, the visitor accepts that the state of New Delhi, India is the sole and proper jurisdiction.
    2. In all situations, the visitor accepts that the applicable legislation will be that othe state of New Delhi, India.